• (British) enPR: räz'brē, IPA: /ˈɹɑːzbɹi/
  • (America) enPR: răz'bĕ"rē, IPA: /ˈɹæzˌbɛɹi/

raspberry (plural raspberries)

  1. The plant Rubus idaeus.
  2. Any of many other (but not all) species in the genus Rubus.
  3. The juicy aggregate fruit of these plants.
  4. A red colour, the colour of a ripe raspberry.
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raspberry (not comparable)

  1. Containing or having the flavor/flavour of raspberries.
  2. Of a dark pinkish red.
    She wore a raspberry beret — lyrics of Raspberry Beret, by the musician Prince
  • Russian: мали́новый
  • French: framboise
  • Portuguese: cor de framboesa
  • Russian: мали́новый

raspberry (raspberries, present participle raspberrying; past and past participle raspberried)

  1. To gather or forage for raspberry#Noun|raspberries.
    • 1903, M. E. Waller, A Daughter of the Rich, Little, Brown, and Company (1903), page 137 ↗:
      […] she stuck burrs in my bed and lead me through the nettle-patch when we were raspberrying, because she knew I did n't know nettles; […]
    • 1917, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams, Chapter 37:
      "Owen and she went raspberrying in the woods back of her farm," answered Anne. "They won't be back before supper time—if then."
    • 1944, Cornelius Weygandt, The Heart of New Hampshire: Things Held Dear by Folks of the Old Stocks, G. P. Putnam's Sons (1944), page 129 ↗:
      .. Mrs. Thrifty was picking pie cherries, two boys were raspberrying, and the fourth son, as I recall it, blueberrying.
    • 1976, Emily Ward, The Way Things Were: An Autobiography of Emily Ward, Newport Press (1976), page 4 ↗:
      My mother told my sister Sally and me that if we were good little girls we might go raspberrying up on the mountains when the raspberries were ripe.
    • 1988, Charles McCarry, The Bride of the Wilderness, MysteriousPress.com (2011), ISBN 9781453232521, unnumbered page ↗:
      In strawberry time she had seen individual bears grazing in the meadows along the bluff, and later, while raspberrying, she heard one gobbling fruit and snorting on the other side of the bush.

raspberry (plural raspberries)

  1. (colloquial) A noise intended to imitate the passing of flatulence, made by blowing air out of the mouth while the tongue is protruding from and pressed against the lips, or by blowing air through the lips while they are pressed firmly together or against skin, used humorously or to express derision.
    Synonyms: Bronx cheer, razz
  2. (pejorative, colloquial) A cripple.
  • Italian: pernacchia
  • Russian: перде́ние
  • Spanish: pedorreta


  1. (colloquial) To make the noise intended to imitate the passing of flatulence.

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