real life

real life

  1. Life outside of a contrived or fantastical environment; often used in comparison to events depicted in drama.
    • 2011, Julia DeVillers, ‎Jennifer Roy, Take Two
      I knew it was just a silly quiz, but it was annoying that I couldn't even get a crush match in a magazine—or real life.
  2. (by extension, sometimes capitalized) Life outside the Internet.
  3. (by extension) Pressing day-to-day commitments.
    I kept meaning to look for a better-paying job, but real life intervened.
  • French: vie réelle
  • German: wirkliches Leben
  • Portuguese: vida real
  • Russian: реа́льная жизнь
  • Spanish: vida real

real life (not comparable)

  1. Not fictional; actually happening or capable of happening.
  • German: Real-
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