rebore (rebores, present participle reboring; past and past participle rebored)

  1. (transitive) To bore through an existing hole, generally to correct its shape.
    If you want to keep using that rifle, you'll have to rebore the barrel.
    The cylinders of your engine are so worn the rings don't seal any more; you have to have it rebored to stop it from burning oil.

rebore (plural rebores)

  1. (automotive) The process of modifying the bore of an engine.
    • 2005, Daniel Stapleton, How to Plan and Build a Fast Road Car (page 14)
      However, any increase in capacity is useful and, if an engine is worn and needs a rebore, it's worth considering boring to a near maximum size rather than simply having it bored to the next oversize.
  1. (transitive, rare) Simple past tense and past participle of rebear, generally used in the context of Christianity.
    And on that day the Lord rebore me and I was reborn.

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