1. present participle of recede#English|recede


  1. going or moving back or further away from a previous position, gradually diminishing.
  2. That recedes
    A receding hairline

receding (plural recedings)

  1. The action of something that recedes; a recessed part.
    • 1820, John Gibson Lockhart, Peter's Letters to His Kinsfolk (page 20)
      The sombre shadows, cast by those huge houses of which it is composed, and the streams of faint light cutting the darkness here and there, where the entrance to some fantastic alley pierces the sable mass of building—the strange projectings, recedings, and windings […]
    • 1829, Josiah Conder, The Modern Traveler (page 205)
      the great overflowings and recedings of the waters

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