• IPA: /ɹɪˈkluːs/, /ˈɹɛkluːs/


  1. (now rare) sequestered; secluded, isolated
    a recluse monk or hermit
    • J. Philips
      In meditation deep, recluse / From human converse.
  2. (now rare) hidden, secret
Synonyms Noun

recluse (plural recluses)

  1. a person who lives in self-imposed isolation or seclusion from the world, especially for religious purposes; a hermit
    • 1927-29, Mahatma Gandhi, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, translated 1940 by Mahadev Desai, Part I, Chapter xv ↗:
      The recluse in the fable kept a cat to keep off the rats, and then a cow to feed the cat with milk, and a man to keep the cow and so on. My ambitions also grew like the family of the recluse.
    Synonyms: anchorite, eremite, hermit
  2. (obsolete) the place where a recluse dwells; a place of isolation or seclusion
  3. (US) a brown recluse spider
Translations Verb

recluse (recluses, present participle reclusing; past and past participle reclused)

  1. (obsolete) to shut; to seclude

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