1. The action or process of rectifying.
    the rectification of an error; the rectification of spirits
    • 1847, Thomas De Quincey, Secret Societies, originally published in parts in Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, reprinted in 1863, Thomas De Quincey, Judas Iscariot and Other Writings, [,+he+was+incapable+of+compromise+with+profounder+shapes+of+error%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj8rpHzu5jNAhWjq6YKHbqUD8wQ6AEIQzAH#v=onepage&q=%22of%20his%20views%2C%20he%20was%20incapable%20of%20compromise%20with%20profounder%20shapes%20of%20error%22&f=false page 274],
      […] as after the rectification of his views, he was incapable of compromise with profounder shapes of error.
  2. (geometry) The determination of a straight line whose length is equal to a portion of a curve.
  3. (geometry) The truncation of a polyhedron by replacing each vertex with a face that passes though the midpoint of each edge connected to the vertex; an analogous procedure on a polytope of dimension higher than 3.
  4. (astronomy) The adjustment of a globe preparatory to the solution of a proposed problem.
  5. (chemistry, chemical engineering) Purification of a substance through repeated or continuous distillation.
Related terms
  • birectification (geometry)
  • Russian: исправле́ние

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