• IPA: /ˈɹiː.fɪl/

refill (plural refills)

  1. A filling after the first.
    Today it is $2 for a coffee, with free refills throughout the day.
  2. (medicine, pharmacy) A repeat of a prescription.
  3. A product containing materials to replace those used up by a piece of equipment.
    We're cutting back. No new printers or pens, just refills.
  • Portuguese: refill
  • Russian: добавле́ние
  • Spanish: recambio
Translations Pronunciation
  • IPA: /ˌɹiːˈfɪl/

refill (refills, present participle refilling; past and past participle refilled)

  1. To fill up once again.
    Can you refill my cup please? I've finished my coffee.
  2. (medicine, pharmacy) To repeat a prescription.
  • French: reremplir
  • German: nachfüllen
  • Portuguese: reencher
  • Spanish: rellenar

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