regender (regenders, present participle regendering; past and past participle regendered)

  1. To gender anew (and differently).
    1. To cause (a person) to be seen to have a (new, different) gender identity or role.
      • 1998, Kath Weston, Render Me, Gender Me (ISBN 0231096437), page 170:
        Even with the most creative attempts to regender themselves, people cannot always extricate themselves from stereotypes. Jenny could spend a lifetime attempting to refute the cultural illogic that leaves her, as an Asian-American woman, […]
    2. To cause (a thing or subject) to be gendered in a new or different way; to be associated with a new gender or with new genders.
      • 1995, L. H. Parker, L. Rennie, B. Fraser, Gender, Science and Mathematics: Shortening the Shadow (ISBN 0792335821), page 74:
        It is at moments like this that we can recognise the enormity of the task to redress gender issues in mathematics and science in schools, (i.e., to ‘regender’ them). We have seen that science itself embodies its own deep gender structures […]
      • 2002, Wendy Z. Goldman, Women at the Gates: Gender and Industry in Stalin's Russia (ISBN 0521785537), page 144:
        The "small-scale planning" of the brigades replicated at the local or factory level the larger, central strategy to regender jobs, shops, and sectors.

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