• IPA: /ɹəˈʒiːm/, /ɹeɪˈʒiːm/, /ˈɹeɪʒiːm/

regime (plural regimes)

  1. Mode of rule or management.
    a prison regime
  2. A form of government, or the government in power.
    a capitalist regime
  3. A period of rule.
  4. A regulated system; a regimen.
    a fitness regime
    Heaven will eliminate the tyrannical regimes.
    • 2017: "The Cake Is Just the Beginning" by Mark Joseph Stern, Slate
      Gorsuch’s theory would hobble this nondiscrimination regime by preventing the government from directing employers to tell employees about their rights and responsibilities under law.
  5. A division of a Mafia crime family, led by a caporegime.
  6. (hydrology) A set of characteristics.
    A typical annual water level regime would include a gradual summer drawdown beginning in early May.
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