• IPA: /ɹɛɡ.juː.leɪt.ə/

regulator (plural regulators)

  1. A device that controls or limits something.
    The voltage regulator stopped working and the resulting overload destroyed the device.
  2. A person or group that sets standards of practice, especially those established by law.
  3. A very accurate clock, used by clockmakers to measure the timekeeping of each newly made clock.
  4. (genetics) A gene involved in controlling the expression of one or more other genes.
  5. (rail transport) A device that controls the supply of steam to the cylinders of a steam locomotive.
  6. (historical) A bulldozer qual member of intimidating group of white US Southerners.
Related terms Translations
  • Portuguese: regulador
  • Spanish: regulador
  • Portuguese: regularizador
  • Russian: регуля́тор

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