• IPA: /ˌɹɛpɹɪˈzɛnt(ət)ɪv/


  1. Typical; having the same properties or interest as a larger group.
    • If you took all the fools out of the legislature, it wouldn't be a representative body anymore.
  2. Representing, showing a likeness.
    Are you sure this paper is representative of your child's writing?
    the representative faculty of the human imagination
Translations Noun

representative (plural representatives)

  1. One who may speak for another in a particular capacity, especially in negotiation.
    I will send a representative to work out the details of the contract.
  2. A member of a legislative or governing body who represents a constituency.
    She served four terms as representative of her local at the national union convention.
  3. Something regarded as typical of its class.
  4. (US, politics) A member of the US House of Representatives.
    All representatives face re-election every two years.
  5. A company agent who visits potential purchasers; a salesman.
  6. (legal) An heir.
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