• IPA: /ɹɪˈspɛktɪv/

respective (not comparable)

  1. Relating to particular persons or things, each to each; particular; own.
    They returned to their respective places of abode.
  2. (obsolete) Noticing with attention; careful; wary.
    • If you look upon the church of England with a respective eye, you can not […] refuse this charge.
  3. (obsolete) Looking toward; having reference to; relative, not absolute.
    the respective connections of society
  4. (obsolete) Fitted to awaken respect.
    • 1599, William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, IV. iv. 192:
      What should it be that he respects in her / But I can make respective in myself,
  5. (obsolete) Rendering respect; respectful; regardful.
    • With respective shame, rose, took us by the hands.
    • With thy equals familiar, yet respective.
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