• (RP) enPR: rĭzjo͞om', IPA: /ɹɪˈzjuːm/
  • (GA) enPR: rĭz(j)o͞om', IPA: /ɹɪˈz(j)um/
  • (Australia)
    • enPR: rəzjo͞om', IPA: /ɹəˈzjuːm/
    • (yod-coalescence) enPR: rəzho͞om', IPA: /ɹəˈʒuːm/

resume (resumes, present participle resuming; past and past participle resumed)

  1. (now rare) To take back possession of (something). [from 15th c.]
    • 1748, Samuel Richardson, Clarissa, Letter 28:
      As to the advice you give, to resume my estate, I am determined not to litigate with my father, let what will be the consequence to myself.
    • 1974, Lawrence Durrell, Monsieur, Faber & Faber 1992, p. 8:
      For after that initiation it was impossible to attach any profound importance to the notion of dying. All individual deaths had been resumed by the death of God!
    • 2005, Geoff Moore, Essential Real Property, Cavendish Publishing, ISBN 1876905174, page 116.
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  2. (now rare) To summarise. [from 15th c.]
    • 1974, Lawrence Durrell, Monsieur, Faber & Faber 1992, p. 36:
      He […] used to say that each separate death had taught him something new about death, and that he was going to resume this knowledge in a philosophic essay about dying.
  3. To start (something) again that has been stopped or paused from the point at which it was stopped or paused; continue, carry on. [from 15th c.]
    Antonyms: suspend
    • 1803, William Woodfall et al., The Parliamentary Register; or an Impartial Report of the Debates that have occurred in the Two Houses of Parliament, vol. 2, page 167
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    • 1991, The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America, 43 CFR 5451.4, Office of the Federal Register, page 68.
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    We will resume this discussion tomorrow at nine.
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  • (British) IPA: /ˈɹɛz.(j)ʊˌmeɪ/, /ɹɪ.ˈzjuː.meɪ/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈɹɛz.ə.meɪ/

resume (plural resumes)

  1. A summary or synopsis. [from 18th c.]
    Synonyms: précis
  2. (chiefly, North America, Australia) A summary or account of education and employment experiences and qualifications, a curriculum vitae (often for presentation to a potential future employer when applying for a job). [from 20th c.]
    Synonyms: curriculum vitae, CV

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