• IPA: /ɹəˈviːl/

reveal (plural reveals)

  1. The outer side of a window or door frame; the jamb.
    • , The Upper East Side Book:
      The building has a one-story rusticated limestone base and a canopied entrance with a doorman beneath an attractive, rusticated limestone window reveal on the second floor and a very impressive and ornate limestone window reveal on the third floor flanked by female figures.
  2. (cinematography, comedy) A revelation; an uncovering of what was hidden.
    The comedian had been telling us about his sleep being disturbed by noise. Then came the reveal: he was sleeping on a bed in a department store.
  3. (chiefly, UK, Australia, NZ, obsolete in the US) The side of an opening for a window, doorway, or the like, between the door frame or window frame and the outer surface of the wall; or, where the opening is not filled with a door, etc., the whole thickness of the wall; the jamb.
  • (side of a window or door opening) revel
  • (side of a window or door opening) jamb

reveal (reveals, present participle revealing; past and past participle revealed)

  1. (transitive) To uncover; to show and display that which was hidden.
    • Light was the wound, the prince's care unknown, / She might not, would not, yet reveal her own.
  2. (transitive) To communicate that which could not be known or discovered without divine or supernatural instruction.
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