• IPA: /ɹɪˈvaɪvəl/


  1. The act of reviving, or the state of being revived
  2. Renewed attention to something, as to letters or literature.
  3. Renewed performance of, or interest in, something, such as drama or literature.
  4. Renewed interest in religion, after indifference and decline; a period of religious awakening; special religious interest.
  5. A Christian religious meeting held to inspire active members of a church body or to gain new converts.
  6. Reanimation from a state of languor or depression; applied to health, a person's spirits, etc.
  7. Renewed pursuit, or cultivation, or flourishing state of something, as of commerce, arts, agriculture.
  8. Renewed prevalence of something, as a practice or a fashion.
    the revival of hot pants
  9. Restoration of force, validity, or effect; renewal; reinstatement of a legal action.
    the revival of a debt barred by limitation; the revival of a revoked will
  10. Revivification, as of a metal.
Translations Translations Translations
  • Italian: rinvigorimento
  • Russian: возрожде́ние

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