• IPA: /ˈɹiːwɜː(ɹ)k/


  1. The act of redoing, correcting, or rebuilding.
    They sent the assembly back to the shop for rework.
  2. (in particular, food manufacturing) Taking unsaleable food and using it in the manufacture of other food.
  3. Something redone, corrected or rebuilt.
    They received the rework back from the shop.
  4. Work done to correct defects associated with a deliverable product, plus any root cause analysis effort to identify the task(s) to be re-performed.
    The schedule has been pushed back because of the rework.
  5. (countable) An instance of reworking.
  • IPA: /ɹiːˈwɜː(ɹ)k/

rework (reworks, present participle reworking; past and past participle reworked)

  1. To redo, correct, or rebuild.
    You'll have to rework the crank assembly to incorporate the changes.

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