1. Sane; clear#Adjective|clear-thinking#Adjective|thinking.
    Right-minded people do not throw away their lives because trivial insults occur.
  2. Decent; morally upright#Adjective|upright.
    Surely all right-minded people agree that bigamy is wrong.
    • 1901, [George] Bernard Shaw, “Three Plays for Puritans”, in Three Plays for Puritans: The Devil’s Disciple, Cæsar and Cleopatra, & Captain Brassbound’s Conversion, London: Grant Richards, […], OCLC 122594195 ↗, page xxix ↗:
      Let realism have its demonstration, comedy its criticism, or even bawdry its horselaugh at the expense of sexual infatuation, if it must; but to ask us to subject our souls to its ruinous glamour, to worship it, deify it, and imply that it alone makes our life worth living, is nothing but folly gone mad erotically—a thing compared to which {{w
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