right-winger (plural right-wingers)

  1. A person who belongs to the political right.
  2. A member of the right wing of a party or group.
  3. (sports) A winger who plays on the right.
Synonyms Antonyms Related terms Translations
  • French: personne de droite
  • German: Rechter, Rechte, Rechtsaußen, Person vom rechten Flügel
  • Portuguese: direitista
  • Russian: пра́вый
  • Spanish: derechista, momio (colloquial, pejorative, Chile), momia (colloquial, pejorative, rare, Chile), (ser) de derecha, (ser) de derechas
  • French: ailier droit, ailière droite
  • German: Rechtsaußen

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