ringtone (plural ringtones)

  1. The sound made by a telephone when ringing, especially the customizable tone of a mobile phone.
  • French: sonnerie, sonnerie de téléphone
  • German: Klingelton
  • Italian: suoneria
  • Portuguese: ringtone, toque
  • Russian: звоно́к
  • Spanish: ringtone, tono de llamada


ringtone (ringtones, present participle ringtoning; past and past participle ringtoned)

  1. (ambitransitive) Of a telephone: to play a ringtone.
    • 2015, Herb Borkland, DOG$ (page 15)
      My handheld ringtoned “Happy Days are Here Again.” I withdrew into a quieter corner of Mahogany Bar and stuck a finger in my other ear.
    • 2019, Arthur Slade, Amber Fang (Books 1-3): Boxed Set
      The cell reception is less than zero here, but my phone was ringtoning away. I did not like the sound of that.

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