• (RP) IPA: /ɹəʊˈbʌst/, /ɹəˈbʌst/
  • (America) IPA: /ɹoʊˈbʌst/

robust (comparative robuster, superlative robustest) (see usage notes)

  1. Evincing strength and health; strong.
    He was a robust man of six feet four.
    robust health
    A robust wall was put up.
    • She was stronger, larger, more robust physically than he had hitherto conceived.
  2. Violent; rough; rude.
  3. Requiring strength or vigor
    robust employment
  4. Sensible (of intellect etc.); straightforward, not given to or confused by uncertainty or subtlety
  5. (systems engineering) Designed or evolved in such a way as to be resistant to total failure despite partial damage.
  6. (software engineering) Resistant or impervious to failure regardless of user input or unexpected conditions.
  7. (statistics) Not greatly influenced by errors in assumptions about the distribution of sample errors.

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