• (America) IPA: /ˈɹɑkɪt/
  • (RP) IPA: /ˈɹɒkɪt/

rocket (plural rockets)

  1. A rocket engine.
  2. (military) A non-guided missile propelled by a rocket engine.
  3. A vehicle propelled by a rocket engine.
  4. A rocket propelled firework, a skyrocket
  5. (slang) An ace (the playing card).
  6. (military slang) An angry communication (such as a letter or telegram) to a subordinate.
    • 1980, David Schoenbrun, Soldiers of the Night: The Story of the French Resistance,[ ] Dutton, ISBN 9780525206637, page 203,
      While [Colonel Robert] Solborg and [Jacques] Lemaigre[-Dubreuil] were dreaming of revolts, [William Joseph “Wild Bill”] Donovan had learned of Solborg’s insubordination and meddling. He sent him a “rocket” ordering him out of North Africa and back to Lisbon at once. Solborg flew to Lisbon and then on to Washington to face out his problem with Donovan.
  7. A blunt lance head used in jousting.
  8. (figurative) Something that shoots high in the air.
  9. (Scotland, slang) A stupid or crazy person.
    • 2014, Alistair Beaton, ‎Rob Drummond, ‎Morna Pearson, Contemporary Scottish Plays
      Why were the Luddites named efter Ned Ludd? A wee rocket. A wee fucken fairy bampot. A pure hooligan, smashing stuff up. A ned. Ned Ludd.
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rocket (rockets, present participle rocketing; past and past participle rocketed)

  1. To accelerate swiftly and powerfully
  2. To fly vertically
  3. To rise or soar rapidly
  4. To carry something in a rocket
  5. To attack something with rockets

rocket (uncountable)

  1. The leaf vegetable Eruca sativa or Eruca vesicaria.
  2. rocket larkspur (Consolida regalis)

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