• (British) enPR: rō, IPA: /ˈɹəʊ/
  • (America) enPR: rō, IPA: /ˈɹoʊ/


  1. The eggs of fish.
  2. The sperm of certain fish.
  3. The ovaries of certain crustaceans.
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roe (plural roe)

  1. Short for roe deer#English|roe deer.
  2. A mottled appearance of light and shade in wood, especially in mahogany.


roe (plural roes)

  1. (accounting) Return on equity — A measure of how well a company used reinvested earnings to generate additional earnings.
  2. (military) Rule of engagement — a rule governing when to fire or return fire
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Proper noun
  1. Surname, from a Middle English nickname meaning a roe.
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roe (plural roes)

  1. (US politics, informal) Roe vs. Wade, the US Supreme Court case which legalized abortion.
Proper noun
  1. A river in Northern Ireland, Londonderry.

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