rotational (not comparable)

  1. Of, pertaining to or caused by rotation.
    A steam turbine converts heat into rotational motion.
  • Italian: rotazionale
  • Russian: враща́тельный
  • Spanish: rotacional

rotational (plural rotationals)

  1. An employee in a job rotation scheme.
    • 1995, Oded Shenkar, Global Perspectives of Human Resource Management (page 87)
      For the new rotationals, the American manager must begin the interview by asking the applicant a few questions of a personal nature about his family, childhood education, philosophy of life, social relationships, hobbies and interests, […]
    • 2003, Thomas R. Warne, ‎National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Recruiting and Retaining Individuals in State Transportation Agencies (page 51)
      We have found that our future leaders are our current rotationals. We also offer educational assistance for all full-time employees, which pays 100% related to the job or 75% for all other classes.
  2. Something, such as a joint, that moves by rotating.
    • 1982, IEEE, Proceedings of the International Conference on Cybernetics and Society (page 254)
      The positioning of the wrist is related to the upper three joints of the robot arm with three degrees of freedom, for the two motions of the shoulder and the one motion of the elbow, all rotationals.

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