• IPA: [ˈɹuːbi]


  1. A clear, deep, red variety of corundum, valued as a precious stone.
  2. (obsolete) A red spinel.
  3. A deep red colour.
    • c. 1606, William Shakespeare, “The Tragedie of Macbeth”, in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio), London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed[ward] Blount, published 1623, OCLC 606515358 ↗, [Act III, scene iv]:
      the natural ruby of your cheeks
  4. (heraldry) The tincture red or gules.
  5. (uncountable, printing, UK, dated) The size of type between pearl and nonpareil, standardized as 5½-point.
    Synonyms: agate
  6. A ruby hummer, a South American hummingbird, Clytolaema rubricauda.
  7. A red bird-of-paradise, Paradisaea rubra.
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  1. Of a deep red colour.
Translations Verb

ruby (rubies, present participle rubying; past and past participle rubied)

  1. (transitive, poetic) To make red; to redden.

ruby (plural rubies)

  1. A pronunciation guide written above or beside Chinese or Japanese characters.
    Synonyms: rubi
  • Russian: ага́т

Proper noun
  1. A female given name.
    • 1992 Karen Kijewski, Kat's Cradle, page 76:
      And those are her two daughters, Opal and Ruby. Her husband, Joshua, named them. He said they were to be the jewels of his old age. She would never have thought of names like that. There wasn't an ounce of sentiment in her body.
  2. (rare) Surname
  3. (rare) A male given name.
  4. (computer language) A dynamic, reflective, general-purpose object-oriented programming language developed in the 1990s.
  5. A city in Alaska.
  6. A ghost town in Arizona
  7. A town in South Carolina.
  8. A town in Wisconsin.
  9. A settlement on the island of Saint Croix in the United States Virgin Islands.
  • Russian: Руби


  1. (Cockney rhyming slang) A curry, short for Ruby Murray.
    We're going down the Indian for a Ruby - wanna join us?

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