• IPA: /ˈɹʌnweɪ/
  • IPA: /ˈɹʌnˌweɪ/, /ˈɹən-/

runway (plural runways)

  1. A defined#Adjective|defined, narrow#Adjective|narrow section#Noun|section of land#Noun|land or an artificial structure#Noun|structure used for access#Noun|access.
  2. The usual path taken by deer or other wild animals, such as from a forest to a water#Noun|water source#Noun|source.
  3. A narrow#Adjective|narrow walkway (often on a platform) extending from a stage#Noun|stage on which people walk#Verb|walk, especially one used by model#Noun|models during fashion shows.
  4. (athletics) In javelin, long jump, and similar events: a short track#Noun|track along which athletes can accelerate themselves for their jump#Noun|jumps or throw#Noun|throws.
  5. (aviation) A section of land, usually paved#Adjective|paved, for airplanes to land#Verb|land on or take off from.
  6. (slang) Hence, the number of months that a startup company can operate on its cash reserves.
  7. A stream#Noun|stream bed#Noun|bed.
  • (walkway extending from a stage) catwalk
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  • French: piste, piste d'atterrissage (landing strip)
  • German: Start- und Landebahn, SLB, Startbahn (liftoff strip), Landebahn (landing strip)
  • Italian: pista di atterraggio, pista di decollo, pista
  • Portuguese: pista, pista de pouso
  • Russian: взлётно-поса́дочная полоса́
  • Spanish: pista, pista de aterrizaje, pista de despegue
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