• IPA: /sædəlˈbæɡ/

saddlebag (plural saddlebags)

  1. A covered pouch, usually one of a pair, laid across the back of a horse, donkey, or mule behind its saddle, or hanging over the rear wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle; often made of leather or (on a bicycle or motorcycle) a rigid material.
    cot en
  2. (in the plural, US, informal) Loose fatty flesh on a person's upper thighs or buttocks, that hangs like saddlebags.
    Synonyms: riding breeches
    • 2002, Maria Makarovic, Doctor Help Me Slim Down!: Firm Up and Get Rid of Cellulite!, iUniverse (ISBN 9780595245642), page 141:
      The area treated was always the side of the thighs, where she had visible saddlebags.
  3. (architecture) A style of house with two rooms separated by a small hall and open space.
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  • Spanish: culo caído

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