• IPA: /ˈsɔː.nə/, /ˈsaʊ.nə/

sauna (plural saunas)

  1. A room or a house designed for heat sessions.
    The hotel has a sauna in the basement.
  2. The act of using a sauna.
    John had a sauna after his swim.
  3. A public sauna; a front for a brothel in some countries.
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sauna (saunas, present participle saunaing; past and past participle saunaed)

  1. To use a sauna.
  • French: prendre un sauna
  • German: saunieren
  • Italian: usare una sauna
  • Portuguese: tomar banho de sauna
  • Spanish: tomar un sauna, tomar una sauna

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