• IPA: /ˈsævɪdʒ/


  1. Wild; not cultivated.
    a savage wilderness
  2. Barbaric; not civilized.
    savage manners
    • 1719 April 24, [Daniel Defoe], The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, […], London: Printed by W[illiam] Taylor […], OCLC 15864594 ↗; 3rd edition, London: Printed by W[illiam] Taylor […], 1719, OCLC 838630407 ↗, pages 194–195 ↗:
      I obſerv'd a Place where there had been a Fire made, and a Circle dug in the Earth, like a Cockpit, where it is ſuppoſed the Savage Wretches had ſat down to their inhumane Feaſtings upon the Bodies of their Fellow-Creatures.
  3. Fierce and ferocious.
    savage beasts
    a savage spirit
  4. Brutal, vicious or merciless.
    He gave the dog a savage kick.
    The woman was killed in a savage manner.
  5. (UK, slang) Unpleasant or unfair.
    - I'll see you in detention.
    - Ah, savage!
  6. (Ireland, US, slang) Great, brilliant, amazing.
    Although it didn't look very good, it tasted absolutely savage.
    Synonyms: wicked, Thesaurus:excellent
  7. (heraldry) Nude; naked.
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savage (plural savages)

  1. (pejorative) An uncivilized or feral human; a barbarian.
  2. (figuratively) A defiant person.
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  • Russian: бунтарь

savage (savages, present participle savaging; past and past participle savaged) (transitive)

  1. To attack or assault someone or something ferociously or without restraint.
  2. (figuratively) To criticise vehemently.
    His latest film was savaged by most reviewers.
  3. (of an animal) To attack with the teeth.
  4. (obsolete, transitive) To make savage.
    • Its bloodhounds, savaged by a cross of wolf.
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Proper noun
  1. Surname
  2. An unincorporated community/and/census-designated place in Howard County, Maryland.
  3. A suburban city in Scott County, Minnesota.
  4. An unincorporated community in Tate County, Mississippi.
  5. An unincorporated community in Richland County, Montana.

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