• IPA: /ˈskeɪli/

scaly (comparative scalier, superlative scaliest)

  1. cover#Verb|Covered or abounding with scale#Noun|scales.
    Synonyms: squamulose, Thesaurus:scaly
    Antonyms: scaleless, esquamulose
    a scaly fish  a scaly stem
  2. Composed of scales lie#Verb|lying over each other.
    a scaly bulb
  3. Resembling scales, laminae, or layer#Noun|layers.
  4. (dated, vulgar or South African) low#Adjective|low, mean#Adjective|mean.
    a scaly fellow
Translations Translations
  • Russian: чешу́йчатый
  • Spanish: escuamiforme

scaly (plural scalies)

  1. (South Africa) The scaly yellowfish, Labeobarbus natalensis.

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