• IPA: /ˌskɪt.səˈfɹiː.ni.ə/, /ˌskɪt.səˈfɹɛ.ni.ə/, /ˌskɪz.əˈfɹiː.ni.ə/


  1. (pathology) A psychiatric diagnosis denoting a persistent, often chronic, mental illness characterised by abnormal perception, thinking, behavior and emotion, often marked by delusions.
  2. (informal, figurative) Any condition in which disparate or mutually exclusive activities coexist; a lack of decision between options.
    • 2006, Bertus Praeg, Ethiopia and Political Renaissance in Africa (page 213)
      […] one can understand how the cultural disorientation which beset the African Continent has confused Africa's political behaviour, creating a political schizophrenia that made nation-building impossible.
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