• (America) IPA: /ˈskɹeɪpɚ/
  • (RP) IPA: /ˈskɹeɪpə/

scraper (plural scrapers)

  1. An instrument with which anything is scraped.
    1. An instrument by which the soles of shoes are cleaned from mud by drawing them across it.
    2. An instrument drawn by oxen or horses, similar to a plow, that is used for scraping up earth in making or repairing roads, digging cellars, building canals, etc.
    3. An instrument having two or three sharp sides or edges for cleaning the planks, masts, or decks of a ship.
    4. In the printing press, a board or blade, the edge of which is made to rub over the tympan sheet, thus producing an impression.
    5. A hoe.
    6. A tool used by engravers.
  2. One who scrapes horns.
  3. One who plays a violin incompetently, producing cacophonous sounds.
  4. One who acquires avariciously and saves penuriously.
  5. (archaic, colloquial) A cocked hat.
  • French: grattoir
  • German: Schaber
  • Russian: скребо́к

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