• IPA: /skɹiːd/

screed (plural screeds)

  1. A long discourse or harangue. [from late 18th c.]
    Synonyms: diatribe, harangue, polemic, rant, tirade
  2. A piece of writing.
  3. A tool, usually a long strip of wood or other material, for producing a smooth, flat surface on, for example, a concrete floor or a plaster wall.
  4. A smooth flat layer of concrete or similar material.
    Synonyms: flat
  5. A piece torn off; a shred. [from early 14th c.]
  6. A rent; a tear.
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screed (screeds, present participle screeding; past and past participle screeded)

  1. (construction, masonry) To produce a smooth flat layer of concrete or similar material.
  2. (construction, masonry) To use a screed (tool).
  3. (transitive) To repeat glibly.

screed (not comparable)

  1. Strewn with scree.
    We clambered up a screed slope.

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