Pronunciation Noun


  1. Someone with an untidy appearance.
    That candidate will never get the job: he's a right scruff.
  2. Stubble, facial hair (on males).
  3. (obsolete) Crust.
  4. (obsolete) Scurf.
Translations 1790, from earlier (1787) scuft, influenced by scruff ("crust"). Noun

scruff (plural scruffs)

  1. The loose skin at the back of the neck of some animals.
  2. (rare) The back of the neck, nape; also scruff of the neck.
    He grabbed his unruly kid by the scruff of the neck, and took him home.
Synonyms Translations
  • Russian: загри́вок
  • Spanish: pescuezo
Translations Verb

scruff (scruffs, present participle scruffing; past and past participle scruffed)

  1. To lift or carry by the scruff.

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