• IPA: /skɹʌntʃ/

scrunch (scrunches, present participle scrunching; past and past participle scrunched)

  1. (transitive) To crumple and squeeze to make more compact.
    He scrunched the paper into a ball and threw it at the whistling girl.
    • 1793–1799, Robert Townson, Tracts and Observations in Natural History and Physiology, page 154:
      […] and the scrunching of ashes under our feet I have often observed to be disagreeable to many.
    • 1800, Walter Besant, James Rice, With Harp and Crown, page 828:
      Then I put them under my heel, and scrunched them up, every one.
    1. (with object "one's face") To contract the muscles of one's face so as to draw their facial features together, out of pain, discomfort, uncertainty, etc.
      He scrunched his face at his wife's request.
  2. Alternative form of scranch#English|scranch
Translations Noun

scrunch (plural scrunches)

  1. A crunching noise.

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