• IPA: /ˈsɛnsləs/


  1. Without feeling or consciousness; deprived of sensation
    The blow to his head rendered him senseless, he didn't awaken until he was in the ambulance.
    Synonyms: unconscious, insensible
  2. Lacking meaning or purpose; without common sense
    What a senseless waste of money.
    Synonyms: pointless, meaningless
  3. Without consideration, awareness or sound judgement
    He took senseless risks, not even aware of the danger he was in.
    Synonyms: unreasonable, unwise, stupid
Related terms Translations
  • Portuguese: insensível
  • Russian: бесчу́вственный
Translations Translations
  • German: sinnlos
  • Italian: senza capo nè coda
  • Portuguese: absurdo
  • Russian: бессмы́сленный
  • Portuguese: insensível
  • Russian: бессмы́сленный

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