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sexy (comparative sexier, superlative sexiest)

  1. (of a person) Having sexual appeal; suggestive of sex.
    The participants in the swimsuit competition are all very sexy.
  2. That can sexually attract or arouse.
    She has a sexy voice!
  3. (of a thing or concept) interesting, attractive or appealing.
    The manufacturers have launched a sexy new car.
    We have some sexy ideas on how to improve sales.
    Being an undertaker is not a sexy career.
    • 2013, Kathy Casey, D'Lish Deviled Eggs (page 67)
      Creamy cheese, tangy-sweet peppers, and a hit of heat tango in this sexy deviled-egg combo.
  4. (rare, slang) sexual.
    He didn't really like me; all he wanted was for me to be sexy with him.
  5. (mathematics) Used to describe prime numbers that differ from each other by six.
    (73,79) is a sexy prime pair.
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  • French: sexy
  • German: sexy
  • Russian: се́кси
  • Spanish: sexy

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