• (stressed) IPA: /ˈʃæl/
  • (unstressed) IPA: /ʃəl/, /ʃ(ə)/

shall (shall; past should)

  1. (modal, auxiliary verb, defective) Used before a verb to indicate the simple future tense in the first person singular or plural.
    I shall sing in the choir tomorrow.
    I hope that we shall win the game.
    • 1900, L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Chapter 23
      "Then, having used up the powers of the Golden Cap, I shall give it to the King of the Monkeys, that he and his band may thereafter be free for evermore."
  2. Used similarly to indicate determination or obligation in the second and third persons singular or plural.
    (determination): You shall go to the ball!
    (obligation): Citizens shall provide proof of identity.
  3. Used in questions with the first person singular or plural to suggest a possible future action.
    Shall I help you with that?
    Shall we go out later?
    Let us examine that, shall we?
  4. (obsolete) To owe.
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