Pronunciation Adjective

sheen (comparative sheener, superlative sheenest)

  1. (rare, poetic) Beautiful, good-looking, attractive; radiant; shiny.
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  1. Splendor; radiance; shininess.
    • 1946, Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan
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  2. A thin layer of a substance (such as oil) spread on a solid or liquid surface.
    oil sheen
    • 2017, Jeffrey Miller, Ann Powers, Introduction to Environmental Law: Cases and Materials on Water Pollution Control, West Academic (ISBN 9781585761883)
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Translations Verb

sheen (sheens, present participle sheening; past and past participle sheened)

  1. (rare, intransitive, poetic) To shine; to glisten.
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  • French: briller
  • Russian: блесте́ть

sheen (plural sheens)

  1. The letter ش in the Arabic script.

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. An area in London, officially East Sheen.
  2. A village in Staffordshire, England.
  3. Surname

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