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shim (plural shims)

  1. A wedge.
  2. A thin piece of material, sometimes tapered, used for alignment or support.
  3. (computing) A small library that transparently intercepts and modifies calls to an API, usually for compatibility purposes.
  4. A kind of shallow plow used in tillage to break the ground and clear it of weeds.
  5. A small metal device used to pick open a lock.
Translations Translations
  • French: cale d'épaisseur, espaceur, étai, thibaude
  • German: Unterlage, Abstandhalter, Abstandsblech, Unterlegscheibe, Zwischenstück, Klemmstück, Distanzstück, Futterblech, Futterholz, Ausgleichsblech, Ausgleichsstück, Passstück, Beilagscheibe, Beilagescheibe
Translations Translations Verb

shim (shims, present participle shimming; past and past participle shimmed)

  1. To fit one or more shims to a piece of machinery.
  2. To adjust something by using shims.
  3. (computing, transitive) To intercept and modify calls to (an API), usually for compatibility purposes.

shim (plural shims)

  1. (informal, often, derogatory) a person characterised by both male and female traits, or by ambiguous male-female traits, also called a he-she; transsexual.
    • 1998, Hobart Student Association, The Seneca review:
      He — or "Shim" (she/him), as film director John Waters called the actor Divine — was as much a paradoxical as a perverse fellow.
    • 1995, The Advocate - May 30, 1995 - Page 11:
      "We call him shim— short for 'she-him.'
  2. (informal, often, derogatory) hermaphrodite.

shim (uncountable)

  1. (uncountable, microscopy) Abbreviation of scanning helium ion microscope.

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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