• IPA: /ˈʃʌvəl/

shovel (plural shovels)

  1. A hand tool with a handle, used for moving portions of material such as earth, snow, and grain from one place to another, with some forms also used for digging. Not to be confused with a spade, which is designed solely for small-scale digging and incidental tasks such as chopping of small roots.
  2. (US) A spade.
Translations Verb

shovel (shovels, present participle shoveling; past and past participle shoveled)

  1. To move materials with a shovel.
    The workers were shovelling gravel and tarmac into the pothole in the road.
    After the blizzard, we shoveled the driveway for the next two days.
    I don't mind shoveling, but using a pickaxe hurts my back terribly.
  2. (transitive, figuratively) To move with a shoveling motion.
    Already late for work, I shovelled breakfast into my mouth as fast as possible.
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