• IPA: /ʃɹuːm/

shroom (plural shrooms)

  1. (informal, rare) A mushroom.
  2. (slang, usually, in the plural) A magic mushroom: a hallucinogenic fungus.
    • 2009, Sean Williams, Jesus and the Magic Mushroom, (ISBN 9780578020723), page 33:
      Dosage: The typical amount of beginner “shroom” dosage ranges from 1.5 grams of dried shrooms for a mild experience, to 3.5 grams for an intense experience.

shroom (shrooms, present participle shrooming; past and past participle shroomed)

  1. (intransitive, slang) To take magic mushrooms.
    • 2012, Michael E. Monahan, College Boy, AuthorHouse (ISBN 9781468595093), page 23:
      Not just because it was sophmoric and juvenile (which it surely was) but I was shrooming pretty heavily by now.
    • 2014, Mohsin Hamid, Discontent and Its Civilizations: Dispatches from Lahore, New York and London, Penguin UK (ISBN 9780241966808)
      Just a few months ago I was in Amsterdam with two old friends from the Lahore art world. On a warm summer night we checked out some galleries and walked along the canals, whirring bicycles and shrooming teenagers passing us in the darkness.

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