shut down

shut down

  1. (transitive) To close, terminate, or end.
    They are planning to shut down the entire building at the end of the month.
    • 2010, Jonathan Ashcroft, Scavengers (page 41)
      Alex quickly shut down her argument. 'But I'm the male. They lead in dancing, why shouldn't I be the lead here too? And besides, I was picked, you applied, which basically means I'm the lead anyway. […]
  2. (ergative) To turn off or stop.
    It's a good idea to shut down the machine before you leave.
    My computer is shutting down as we speak.
  3. (figuratively, intransitive) To emotionally withdraw into oneself as a defense mechanism; to block out external stressors.
    I can't talk to him about a certain thing; he just shuts down anytime I try.
  4. (slang, auto racing, car culture) To pass (another vehicle), especially quickly.
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