• (America) IPA: /ˈʃʌtɚ/, [ˈʃʌɾɚ]

shutter (plural shutters)

  1. One who shuts or closes something.
    • […] it would be very difficult to pack this drawing in such a way that it would be sure not to be injured by the frantic fingers of the openers and shutters.
  2. (usually, in the plural) Protective panels, usually wooden, placed over windows to block out the light.
  3. (photography) The part of a camera, normally closed, that opens for a controlled period of time to let light in when taking a picture.
  • German: Verschließender, Verschließer
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shutter (shutters, present participle shuttering; past and past participle shuttered)

  1. (transitive) To close shutters covering.
    Shutter the windows: there's a storm coming!
  2. (transitive, figurative) To close up (a building) for a prolonged period of inoccupancy.
    It took all day to shutter the cabin now that the season has ended.
  3. (transitive) To cancel or terminate.
    The US is seeking to get Iran to shutter its nuclear weapons program.
    • 2015, Henry Bial, Playing God: The Bible on the Broadway Stage (page 3)
      After some additional legal wrangling, Morse, exhausted and out of money, withdrew his remaining appeals and shuttered the production in April 1883.

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