• (British) IPA: /saɪˈdɪəɹi.əl/
  • (America) IPA: /saɪˈdɪɹi.əl/, /səˈdɪɹi.əl/

sidereal (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to the stars.
    • 1919, Hector Macpherson, S.Chapman (series editor), Men of Science: Herschel, Chapter V,
      The field of sidereal astronomy, therefore, was virtually untrodden when, shortly after the beginning of his telescopic work, Herschel began his first review of the heavens.
  2. (astronomy) Relating to a measurement of time relative to the position of the stars.
    • 1903, Percival Lowell, The Solar System, Chapter I,
      Then, from a sufficient number of observations of synodic periods to give their mean, we obtain the sidereal period, or period with reference to the stars.
  3. (astronomy) Relating to a measurement of time relative to the point of the vernal equinox.
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