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signed (not comparable)

  1. Having a signature; endorsed.
    The signed check could be cashed.
  2. (mathematics, computer science) Having both positive and negative varieties.
    It wasn't until they tried to subtract 3 from 1 that the elementary school students realized they needed signed numbers.
  3. (of a road, route) Furnished with signs and signposts; signposted.
    • 2013: Backpacking Wyoming: From Towering Granite Peaks to Steaming Geyser Basins, Wilderness Press, p. 64 [//]
      Turn left on poorly signed Highway 292 and proceed on this winding road for about 12 miles.
Antonyms Translations
  • Russian: подписанный
  • French: signé
  • Italian: con segno
  • Portuguese: com sinal
  • Russian: со знаком
  1. Simple past tense and past participle of sign

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