• IPA: /ˈsɪmplɚ/, /ˈsɪmpəlɚ/
  1. comparative form of simple, less complicated or challenging.

simpler (plural simplers)

  1. (archaic) One who grows or gathers simples (medicinal herbs).
    • 1781, Daines Barrington, Miscellanies, Essay VII, On the Linnæan System, page 273:
      One of the great pleasures in botany is, to produce a rather uncommon plant to those who know it to be curious; but the English botanist will not have much satisfaction in shewing it to a simpler, who is not acquainted with it under the name given by Gerard or Ray.
    • 1833, William Hogarth, Anecdotes of William Hogarth: written by himself ↗, page 48:
      … may with no great impropriety be termed going a simpling; but with this special difference, that your field simpler never picks up a nettle for a marsh-mallow; a mistake which your tour simpler is very liable to.

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