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  • (RP) IPA: /ˈsɜː(ɹ)/
  • (GA) enPR: ˈsûr, IPA: /ˈsɝ/
  • (Scotland) IPA: /ˈsɪɹ/
  • (InE) IPA: /ˈsə(ɹ)/

sir (plural sirs)

  1. A man of a higher rank or position.
  2. A respectful term of address to a man of higher rank or position, particularly:
    • 1991 May 12, "Kidnapped!" Jeeves and Wooster, Series 2, Episode 5:
      Jeeves: Foreign travel often liberates emotions best kept in check, sir. The air of North America is notoriously stimulating in this regard, as witness the regrettable behavior of its inhabitants in 1776.
      B. Wooster: Hm? What happened in 1776, Jeeves?
      Jeeves: I prefer not to dwell on it, if it's convenient to you, sir.
    1. to a knight or other low member of the peerage.
      Just be careful. He gets whingy now if you don't address him as Sir John.
    2. to a superior military officer.
      Sir, yes sir.
      Coordinate term: ma'am#English|ma'am
    3. to a teacher.
      Here's my report, sir.
      Coordinate term: miss#English|miss
  3. A respectful term of address to an adult male (often older), especially if his name or proper title is unknown.
    Excuse me, sir, do you know the way to the art museum?
    Coordinate terms: madam#English|madam, ma'am#English|ma'am, miss#English|miss
Related terms

  • Portuguese: senhor
  • Russian: господи́н
  • Portuguese: senhor
  • Russian: (comrade) това́рищ
Translations Verb

sir (sirs, present participle sirring; past and past participle sirred)

  1. To address (someone) using "sir".
    Sir, yes, sir!
    Don't you sir me, private! I work for a living!
    Coordinate terms: ma'am#English|ma'am, mam#English|mam


sir (plural sirs)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of sir.
  2. (British) The titular prefix given to a knight or baronet.
  • Russian: сэр


sir (plural sirs)

  1. (manufacturing) Initialism of surface insulation resistance
  2. (biochemistry, genetics) Abbreviation of silent#English|silent information#English|information regulator#English|regulator.

sir (not comparable)

  1. (epidemiology) Initialism of susceptible-infected/infectious-removed/recovered

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