• IPA: /ˈsɪtɪŋ/

sitting (plural sittings)

  1. A period during which one is seated for a specific purpose.
    Due to the sheer volume of guests, we had to have two sittings for the meal.
    The Queen had three sittings for her portrait.
  2. A special seat allotted to a seat-holder, at church, etc.
  3. The part of the year in which judicial business is transacted.
  4. A legislative session (in the sense of "meeting", not "period").
  5. The incubation of eggs by a bird.
  6. A clutch of eggs laid by a brooding bird.
    we have thirty-four chicks from eight sittings of eggs
  7. Uninterrupted application to anything for a time; the period during which one continues at anything.
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  1. present participle of sit#English|sit

sitting (not comparable)

  1. Executed from a sitting position.
  2. Occupying a specific official or legal position; incumbent.

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