Pronunciation Numeral
  1. cln en A numerical value equal to 6; the number following five and preceding seven. This many dots: (••••••).
  2. Describing a group or set with six elements.
Related terms Translations Translations
  • Russian: шестёрка

six (plural sixes)

  1. The digit or figure 6.
  2. (military slang, by ellipsis of six o'clock) Rear, behind rear side of something.
    cover my six
  3. (cricket, countable) An event whereby a batsman hits a ball which does not bounce before passing over a boundary in the air, resulting in an award of 6 runs for the batting team.
  4. (American football) A touchdown.
  5. (obsolete) Small beer sold at six shillings per barrel.
  • French: six
  • German: Sechs
  • Portuguese: seis, meia dúzia (Brazilian Portuguese), meia (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Russian: шестёрка
  • Spanish: seis

Proper noun
  1. (UK) Abbreviation of MI6. Secret Intelligence Service
  • 6
  • MI6
  • Secret Intelligence Service

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