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skate (plural skates)

  1. A runner or blade, usually of steel, with a frame shaped to fit the sole of a shoe, made to be fastened under the foot, and used for gliding on ice.
  2. Abbreviation of ice skate#English|ice skate.
  3. Abbreviation of roller skate#English|roller skate.
  4. The act of skateboarding
    There's time for a quick skate before dinner.
  5. The act of roller skating or ice skating
    The boys had a skate every morning when the lake was frozen.
  • Russian: конёк
Translations Translations
  • German: Skateboardfahren, Skateboarden
  • Russian: ката́ние на скейтборд
  • French: patinage
  • German: Schlittschuhlaufen, Eislaufen, Eislauf
  • Portuguese: patinada
  • Russian: ката́ние на коньки
  • Spanish: patinaje

skate (skates, present participle skating; past and past participle skated)

  1. To move along a surface (ice or ground) using skates.
  2. To skateboard
  3. (skiing) To use the skating technique.
  4. (slang) To get away with something; to be acquitted of a crime for which one is manifestly guilty.
Translations Translations
  • Russian: ката́ться на скейтборд
  • Spanish: andar en skate

skate (not comparable)

  1. (skiing) Pertaining to the technique of skating.

skate (plural skates)

  1. A fish of the family Rajidae in the superorder Batoidea (rays) which inhabit most seas. Skates generally have small heads with protruding muzzle#Noun|muzzles, and wide fin#Noun|fins attached to a flat body.
Translations Noun

skate (plural skates)

  1. A worn-out horse.
  2. A mean or contemptible person.

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